About Me

Hello, I'm Matt. Here are some things I've done.

Graphic Production assistant, Retro GP (Sep 2013 - Jul 2017) I worked at Retro GP for just under 4 years. My first year there was as an apprentice, after that year was over I moved on to full time employment with the company. During this time I learnt a lot of design and marketing skills with experiences in successfully creating and running the company’s 50,000+ followers Instagram account, creating new designs for our products and improving the physical ways in which we created graphics for our products using a Mimaki Printer/Cutter machine. I have experience in the Printing processes too, from weeding graphics to applying them to signs and vehicles.

Graphic Designer, Gidden Place (Jul 2017 - Mar 2019) I worked as a full time in-house Graphic Designer at Gidden Place in Guildford. I was given many opportunities to work in a team and on my own on a wide range of projects from leaflets, posters and business cards to large directional signage, hoarding, monoliths and re-brands. I dealt with projects from the stage of providing accurate visualisations to the completion of client approved print ready artwork.

skills - I’m comfortable using both PC and Mac. My skills and experience in software ranges from working with RasterLink 5 to Adobe Creative Cloud and Corel; with knowledge in software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Adobe Muse, Dreamweaver, After Effects and Corel Draw. I'm also experienced in using HTML and CSS coding languages and have done some sign writing work where I have applied vinyl graphics to signs and vehicles.

Full Portfolio - Not all my work can be displayed online. If you would like a full version please emaile me